Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Terrific Tailgating- Weridest College Mascots

Today's tailgating post has to do with mascots. When you think of mascots, you automatically think of something strong, fierce, and menacing. Your first choice probably would not be a chicken or a vegetable.

I am from South Carolina. We are the proud home of the University of South Carolina. Their mascot is the Gamecock, or for short Cocks. That's right their battle cry is GO COCKS! and the mascot's name is Cocky. You can take that anyway you want. Believe me, we have heard all of the jokes.

So I did a little googling to find other weird mascots. Listology.com has a great list. Apparently, vegetables are wildly popular. These are some of my favorites. (and yes, University of South Carolina made the list)

1. Scottsdale Artichokes - Scottsdale Community College is represented my Artie the Artichoke.

2. The Univeristy of California, Santa Cruz adopted the Banana Slug. The slugs are native to the Redwood Forest.

3. Delta State Fighting Okras. The school is located in Mississippi. They actually have 2 mascots. The Statesman is the official mascot, and the Okra unofficially. But the Okra is wildly popular.

4. Evergreen State Geoducks "Gooey ducks" A gooey duck is "a species of large saltwater clam (Panope generosa) which is native to the northern Pacific coasts of Canada and the United States of America, that is, along the coasts of Washington state and the province of British Columbia. They live buried deep in the sand of ocean beaches, and feed on smaller sea creatures, sometimes reaching the age of 100+ years."

I have to give a shout out to Ole Miss. In recent months, there has been a movement to change the Ole Miss school mascot. School officials felt that Col. Reb was a bit too "old south" and want something else. It has been suggested by the students that Admiral Ackbar
from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi be made their mascot. You, see Admiral Ackbar is a member of the Rebel Alliance. There is no better choice to lead the Rebels of Ole Miss. Personally, being a huge Star Wars fan, I am in total support of this! I would even encourage my children to attend Ole Miss in the future. I appreciate a school with a sense of humor and am now an Ole Miss fan!

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