Friday, August 20, 2010

First Week of School

This week was our first week of school. Since my son is in kindergarten, he had a staggered start. He went to school Monday, Thursday, and Friday. lol It was not cool to have those 2 days off. It totally messed up our schedule!

I was so excited to pick him up and hear about his day. I was like did you do some hard work? Did you meet some new friends?

This was our conversation:
Son: We colored, but it was kind of lame.
Me: Coloring isn't lame. It can be fun
Son: I did make a new best friend.
Me: That is great! What's his name?
Son: I don't know, some kid.
Me: You didn't learn his name?
Son: Well, I did. I just don't remember it.
Me: But he is your best friend?
Son: Yeah we worked with legos.
Me: How was your lunch? Did I send you enough food?
Son: Yeah, the Cafeteria was awesome!!

That sums up are first few days of school.

Coloring = lame, Cafeteria = awesome.

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