Friday, July 30, 2010

Borders is hosting a Silly Bandz swap

Do you have a Silly Bandz fan? Borders is hosting a Silly Bandz swap. Check out the link for more details!

$20 Sears E-card Giveaway ends tonight!

Please don't forget to enter my 20$ Sears E-card giveaway sponsored by I will be picking a winner tonight at 9 pm EST.

You can enter here, and there are lots of extra entries!

Old Navy Cami Sale!

Old Navy is having camis on sale for $2. This sale runs for 3 days, through July 31st. Limit 5 per person and you have to have the coupon, so don't forget to print it!$2camis_coupon.jpg

Follow Friday

My Wee View

Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting. This week has been a little crazy! I have been fighting with my computer. Hopefully, everything is fixed and working properly! My kids have been having a great time at VBS. This is their first time going. Last year, we were not able to go. It was from 3-5:30. Who thought that was a good time of day?? Thankfully, this year it is in the evening.

I have been testing out some new recipes this week. I am hoping to get those posted this weekend!

Favorite FridaysShare your favorites (Indoors, outdoors, drinking, sober, all ideas welcome!)

We love to have everyone over to play Rock Band. Everyone has a lot of fun with that. We set up Bocci Ball sometimes when we have cookouts. Sometimes, we will pull out the board games. I always have fun with Trivial Pursuit or Pictionary.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Thanks for visiting!

5 Question Friday

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If you want to join in on the fun, you can answer the questions and leave a comment.

1. Did you have a favorite blanket or toy as a kid? If so, do you still have it?

When I was 2, I got a 12 inch Princess Leia doll. I loved and still love all things Star Wars. Yes, I still have her! She is a little rough but still has her original clothes and shoes!

2. Do you dream in color?

I think so. I rarely remember dreams.

3. How tall are you? Do you wish you were shorter or taller?

I am 5'9. Sometimes, I am funny about wearing high heels. Thankfully, I am never taller then my husband. Otherwise I probably would never wear heels.

4. If you could have anyone's (celeb or other) voice as the guide on your GPS, who would it be?

lol this question is funny! We just got a Tom Tom. You can get the voice of Star Wars characters to give directions. lol We really have Darth Vader.

5. Do you return your shopping cart to the corral or leave it wherever in the parking lot?

Most of the time, I try to be really courteous and return the cart to the corral. There are times though, when my children act like they belong in a cage and I just want to get home as quickly as possible. I will leave it wherever. Sometimes, I would just like to hook it to my car and tow it home. Just skip taking everything out of it.

Friday Social Parade

Hi everybody, Thank you for visiting my blog this week. This week I have not been able to do much posting because of some computer troubles. I am hoping that everything is now fixed with my computer. It is sad, because I am really lost without it. lol

It has also been a busy week around our house. My children have been going to VBS. They have had a great time.

Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Anyone watching Design Star?

Normally, I really love HGTV Design Star. In the past, they have found some really great designers. I love David Bromstead! He was a great find.

But this season is just sad. None of the designers are interesting! And for the most part, I don't really think they could decorate a paper bag. The show has been centered around team challenges. That is not the point of decorating.

I want to see what each designer can do. They are the ones that will be hosting a new show. Or is HGTV giving it to a whole group of designers?

This week's challenge was to design a model apartment in a new Trump property. You would think that the designers would go over the top with luxury designing.

Instead, Tom made a bathroom look like a Willie Wonka blueberry. The room is small, with no natural light and he choose the darkest,bluest paint color he could possibly find. Then paints the ceiling and the door!! Then spent a majority of time repainting the door because it was too dark. While I understand what he was trying to accomplish, I don't understand his color choice.

Stacey bought a beautiful headboard.

That would have looked amazing in the apartment. She decided not to put the mattress on the bed?? You need a mattress Stacey! You also need some linens for the bed. A sheet just doesn't cut it. To make matters worse, she paired it with curtains made out of painter's tarp.

The judges have been brutal this season. I think Simon Cowell has taken over Vern Yip's body. He has ripped designers a new one this season.

Frankly, I don't understand why HGTV is going through the trouble of finding a new design star. HGTV needs to change its name to House Hunters. I am sick of shows that are only about selling property. I don't care about House Hunters, or staging your home for selling it. I don't care if you have over priced your home and now you need a Property Intervention.

If I wanted to watch real estate listings, I would tune into my local cable access channel and not waste my time with HGTV.

I already have a house. I want to know how to decorate it!! That is why I tune in, but sadly those shows are lacking.

Buzz by on Thursday

This week has been extremely crazy and busy! I am still having some trouble with my computer. At least I am able to post tonight, which is good.

My kids have been going to VBS this weeks. This is the first year that we have been able to go. Last year, it was held from 3 to 5:30. I am not sure who planned that time and what they were thinking. Not a very good time of day. Thankfully, this year its in the evening.

My son will be heading to the dentist next week. We found that he has a tooth coming in behind one of his baby teeth. I am so worried that his teeth will be messed up. Hopefully, everything will be ok.

Thanks for stopping and visiting!

I hate technology!

Some days I hate technology! I am still having computer trouble and I hate trying to post from my blackberry. I have several new recipes that I am really exicited about. I hope to get those posted up soon.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

computer trouble

Hey everyone, sorry for no posts. I am having some computer trouble hopefully I will have it fixed soon.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Paper Momma Challenge: Absolute Favorites

The Paper Mama
These are 2 of my favorite photos.

Sid The Science Kid- Gotta Know Microphone Review

My children were so excited about this review! We are huge Sid the Science Kid fans!
Sid the Science Kid is an animated series from The Jim Henson Company that airs in the U.S. on PBS Kids. Sid is a funny and inquisitive 5 year old. Each episode starts with a question and Sid and his friends have a fun day at preschool with Teacher Susie finding the answer.

The Gotta Know Microphone is just like Sid's. Children can tell jokes, sing songs, or ask those important questions. My kids wasted no time in playing with it! No button was left unexplored. I think their favorite was the applauds and the Echo mode. The theme song button, plays the Sid theme song. It can get kind of old after about the 900th time, but they love it! My daughter likes to walk around sing into it. While my son, who has discovered the joy of knock knock jokes entertains the family. He likes the applauds after a joke.

The Sid the Science Kid Gotta Know Microphone retails for $14.99 (ages 3 and up). If you know a child that is a Sid fan, they will love this. It would make a great birthday or holiday gift.

Disclosure: The Gotta Know Mircophone was provided for free for the purpose of this review. I received no monetary compensation for this post. The opinions expressed in this review are my own. They were in no way influenced by The Jim Henson Company.

V-8 Vfusion + Tea Sample

V-8 V Fusion plus Tea is giving away free samples tomorrow at NOON. They will give away 1,000 samples. Check out their facebook page for more information.

Sunday Follow

Sunday Strolling Blog Hop

I don't post much on the weekends, I try to spend as much time with my husband and children as I possibly can. Thanks for visiting and please read some of my older posts. Comments are always appreciated.

Friday, July 23, 2010

5 Question Friday

1. What were your school colors?

I went to 2 high schools. Th first school's (SHS) colors were blue and gold, but I hated that school so I don't count those. The second's school (MHS) was green and orange. SHS had a better colors but was a crappy school. But I am proud to be a MHS fighting Mustang.

For college, I went to an art school. I don't think we really had a color, maybe the rainbow or a color wheel.

2. What's the best compliment you ever received?

That is a hard one. Most days I am happy with a, "you look great today"

3. Do you buy cheap or expensive toilet paper?
Oh lord, my husband and I have this argument all the time. He prefers to buy cheap. His point is, "why spend money on something you are using to wipe your butt and then flush." While I agree with him, once in a while you just need something a little softer. The stuff he wants to buy is a step above the Sear's catalog of yore. I swear it is barely 1 ply. I smuggle in a couple of rolls of quilted softness.

4. Have you ever had a surprise party thrown for you? Or have you had one for someone else?

I have never had a surprise party and never had one thrown for me.

5. What is one material possession that you "can't live without"?
I guess I would have to say my blackberry.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Black Friday Prices on , Tomorrow ONLY

This Friday ONLY! is going to have some amazing prices. Early Black Friday, It might be worth checking out. Although, I am a hardcore camper when it comes to Black Friday shopping.

Friday Follows

My Wee View

Welcome Friday Follows! Thanks for stopping by.
This week I have been in a crafty/cooking mood.
I created a new scrapbook layout inspired by our trip to see Nemo on Ice.

I also posted about the custom mirrors that I made for each of my children's rooms.

Favorite Fridays The Favorite Friday question is: Healthy Snack, what is your favorite? I think my favorites are Hummus and carrots, Metromint Water, and frozen blueberries.

We tried making homemade corn dog lightsabers. If you have a Star Wars fan, this is something you need to try out.

I posted a product review for Pro Flowers! They have the most gorgeous plants and flowers. Please check it out.

It is almost time to gear up for back to school!

Get ready for the Cool Back to School Bash! Coming soon!

Thanks for Following! Have a great weekend.

Social Parade

Hi Everyone visiting from Social Parade. Hope you like what you see on my blog.

Happy Friday!

Bonsais from Pro Flowers

I recently had the opportunity to select a gardenia bonsai from Pro Flowers for a product review.

My husband was like, "Why do you want a gardenia bonsai?"

First of all, I love the smell! Gardenias have such a beautiful fragrance. Who wouldn't love the fragrance in the house? Secondly,since we have been redecorating our master bedroom and bathroom, I wanted it to feel like a zen retreat. A bonsai is a perfect symbol of tranquility and harmony.

After reading the product descriptions, I wanted something that would be easy take care of. The gardenia bonsai needs sunlight, humidity, water every 2-3 days, and re-potting every 4-5 years. Not being blessed with the greenest of thumbs, I thought that it should be fairly easy to care for.

Pro Flowers has a great selection of other types of bonsai trees. In addition to plants and flowers, they also have a wide variety of teddy bears, gift, and fruit baskets suitable for any occasion. Their website is well organized and easy to browse. The product descriptions are extremely detailed. Each description is accompanied with high quality photos. You get the most accurate representation of the products.

My plant arrived by UPS within just a few days. It was carefully packaged and arrived just as described in great condition. Care instruction came with my bonsai and I had it set up in the master bathroom.

I had a great experience working with Pro Flowers and would certainly recommend them to anyone. I am already considering some of their gourmet gift baskets for the holiday season.

Disclosure: I received the bonsai from Pro Flowers for free. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my post. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and were in no way influenced by Pro Flowers.

Buy Bruster's , help Feeding America

For every Bruster’s SNICKERS® ice cream product you buy between June 15th and
July 31st, Bruster’s Ice Cream will donate 1 meal to Feeding America,
up to a value of $10,000. Learn more about how you can make a difference in your community at!/photo.php?pid=13845297&id=142957520149

New Scrapbook page

Lately, I have been in a crafty mood. I have been wanting to paint, draw, scrapbook, bake. I just want to make stuff!!

I am so behind on scrapbooking! Do you ever get caught up?
This is part of a new scrapbook layout that I am working on. This is from last year, when we went to see Nemo On Ice. It was an amazing show! My kids loved it and still talk about it 7 months later.

For this layout, I painted the background with watercolors. I wanted it to look like the coral reef/aquarium. I selected pictures that I really liked from the performance.

The other half of this layout, will feature family pictures from before and after the performance.

20% entire pruchase at

You can get 20% off your entire purchase from Use the code: DISNEYFAN when ordering.|10799276|

Craft post- Custom Kid's Mirrors

I love to be crafty. But, I have to be in the right mood to create. I wish I could hold on to that inspiration all the time. When I was decorating my children's bedrooms I had the worst time finding things that I liked. I felt like everything available was stamped out of a cookie cutter. I wanted each room to reflect their personalities and budding style.

Project #1 Jedi Master A's I Spy Mirror-
My son really loves the I Spy series of books, so that is where I got the inspiration to make his mirror. The mirror, I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby. The frame was scratched pretty badly. For $3, it was prefect. I collected all sorts of small toys, trinkets, board game pieces, etc, along with bottle caps. Each are attached to the mirror frame with hot glue. Total cost: Mirror $3, bottle caps -Free, small toys/odds&ends estimate around $5. Total- $8

Project #2 Lulu Bean's floral mirror

For Lulu Bean, her room was inspired by a collector Barbie doll, Hula Honey. The doll is dressed as a Hawaiian dancer. I was inspired by her lei. The mirror, I found at the local Salvation Army. It is actually a piece from the 60's. There was a manufacturer sticker on the back. I found bunches of silk orchids at Walmart on clearance for .50 each. I purchased 4 bunches of the flowers. I took all of the blooms and leaves off the plastic stems. Then using hot glue attached them to the mirror. Total- $10 for mirror, $2 for flowers = $12

I am really pleased with the finished product.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Overheard conversations of my kids.

Bassgiraffe's Thoughts Thursday Blog Hop

Happy Thursday! and thanks for visiting.

Excerpts of conversations from my kids:

Location: Chic-fil-A Playground

My Son: Hey! Hey kid, my name is A.

Other kid: My name is Joel.

My Son: I am a Star Wars fan.

Other Kid: I like Diego.

My Son: I don't watch that junk.

Location: Home

My sister had gotten my daughter a Snow White doll. L is playing with her Snow White doll and another doll.

My sister: L, Where is the prince?

My daughter, very sweetly replies: I don't know, you didn't buy him.

Wordless Wednesday- At the Beach

This post is linked to In a Yellow House photo challenge.

Wednesday Follows

Welcome Wednesday Followers!

It is starting off to be an exciting week in our house. We have been cooking up a storm around here. Last week, we went peach picking and came home with a basket of delicious peaches. We made peach/blueberry muffins and peach butter.
on Monday, we experimented with lightsaber corn dogs. We will be trying to perfect a second batch in a few weeks. I am trying to get them right for my son's birthday later in the year.

Check out my Wordless Wednesday post from the beach.

I have 2 giveaways on my blog right now. So feel free to enter.
1. Win a great top from
2. $20 E-card to Sears. Just in time for some back to school shopping.

Snickers Ice Cream Bar coupon

It is just too hot to eat anything but ice cream- Here is a coupon for $1/2 Snicker Ice Cream Bars

Free Queso at Moe's today only!

Moe's Southwest Grill is giving free Queso all day today! They are celebrating their 10th anniversary. Enjoy a free cup at participating locations, 1 per customer. I think I could eat a Homewrecker for breakfast this morning!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I love to draw and bake. Do I use my talents? Not really, once in a while, but I always feel that what I do isn't good enough. I think my blog is really helping me, because I have been posting pictures of my drawings and things that I cook. It is just out there for the world to see now.

This is a drawing that I have been working on for a couple of days now.

Random Tuesday

What to join the in on the fun? This post is linked to The Un Mom

I am still obsessing over the Candwich. Intellectual curiosity: what does it taste like? Secondly, because sandwiches are so hard to make; what brain trust thought this up?

I saw Prince of Persia recently. All I could think during the whole movie was that Jake Gyhallenhal looks like Droopy Dog. Pay close attention to the eyes and length of face. Maybe it is just me.

Why is the Chia pet theme song stuck in my head?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tuesday Follows

Tuesday Tag-Along

Welcome Tuesday Followers!

It is starting off to be an exciting week in our house. We have been cooking up a storm around here. Last week, we went peach picking and came home with a basket of delicious peaches. We made peach/blueberry muffins and peach butter.

Last night, we experimented with lightsaber corn dogs. We will be trying to perfect a second batch in a few weeks. I am trying to get them right for my son's birthday later in the year.

I have been in the mood to create. I posted a picture of my new drawing project. I have been working on it a couple of days now. I am hoping to have it finished soon.

I am also celebrating being a SAHM for 1 year! While the time with my children has been rewarding. It has been challenging at times. I have a lot of mixed feelings about it, the strongest one being guilt.

Comments and advice are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting!

Lightsaber Corndogs!

This is our test batch of lightsaber corn dogs. My son is a huge Star Wars (let's face it, the whole family is) so he decided that he wants a Star Wars themed birthday party. It isn't until the first week of December. I know it is only July, but we have to start planning now (theme, possible menu). His sister's birthday is the week before his, plus with the holidays, we are busy.

Along with Star Wars, he said he wanted corn dogs. The boy loves hot dogs, but we don't eat them very often. So it was decided that because corn dogs look so much like lightsabers, we had to test it.


1 package of hot dogs (You can use whatever brand. For this test, we used an all beef, kosher hotdog)

1 jiffy cornbread mix <---- This was not as successful as I had hoped. I should have known it wouldn't work well. Because it is a muffin mix, it got too puffy. Plus it did not want to stick. So, I rolled the hot dogs in a little flour, which helped some. I selected this because I didn't have all of the ingredients to make from scratch. Plan B- For next time, we will make a batter from scratch.

Popcicle sticks or skewers

Food coloring

here we have all of the hot dogs skewered up.

We opted to make one color of lightsaber. Here is our blue batter.

And the finished product: It was kind of a weird color on the outside, but inside was a nice blue color.

Overall, I have to say it wasn't a total success, but it was not an epic fail. My son was thrilled and even more excited with the idea of making them again. I will post another test batch in a few weeks, until then May the Corn Dogs be With You! lol I had to say! :)