Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tell Me More Tuesday Hop


Today's ?s

1. If you could have a super power what would it be?
This one is kind of tricky. As a sci-fi comic nerd, I have to weigh the options. As a mom, I really love Mr. Fantastic's ability to stretch. I think that could come in handy. I also love Darth Vader's power to force choke. I know there are many uses for that! While not really a super power, I do admire Batman's utility belt. It carries way more then any purse could.

2. What are your thoughts about 2012? (My hubby came up with this one).

While I am not the most religious of people, I do know that the Bible says they know not the hour. I am going to stick with that. I think the word of God is more reliable then the History Channel.

While we are on this topic, I would like to tell the History Channel to shut their **********(expletives deleted)********** pie holes on the subject! You are a channel that focuses on historical events. DO YOUR JOB! Stop the fear mongering and go join your buddies over at Fox News. You two can work together to create some fantastic stories. I personally would love to hear more about Nessie and Big Foot's love child and its plot to eat New York, after making an appearance at a Tea Party. I think that would be news worthy.

3. What is your favorite winter past time?
My winter pass time is drinking hot chocolate and cooking chili. I hate snow and freezing weather! That is why I live in the South. If it snows, we get a few inches, the whole place shuts down for 2 or 3 days, and then the snow is gone. My husband is from MN. I have sworn never to go there again in the winter. The state couldn't pay to be there in January. WTH? -40 degrees, YEAH! NEVER AGAIN!!

4. If you had a personalized license plate...what would it say?

R2-AL My husband and I build R2-D2s. That is our custom one. That's us!

5. Chevy or Ford?



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  2. Thank you for posting and playing along. I agree about the history channel. Nessie and Big Foot love child too funny.

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