Saturday, August 14, 2010

Boboli HouseParty Today!

I am getting ready to host a Boboli BBQ Boredom house party today! I love hosting HouseParty events! If you haven't heard of HouseParty check them out.

We are going to be making grilled pizzas today. My challenge to my party guests was to bring 1 traditional pizza topping and 1 exotic pizza topping. I am really curious to see what everyone brings.

For an extra surprise, I am going to have 2 compete to top a pizza blindfolded.

There is still a lot to get done before the party. But, be sure to check back later. I will be posting more pictures and information about the party and Boboli!


  1. I hosted a Breyers Ice Cream Party early in the spring.

    It seemed to be more work than it was worth so I quit applying.

  2. It really isn't that bad. I have hosted 6 house parties. They send you coupons for enough free product to host the party. I usually ask people to bring something. Plus, House Party sends coupons for your guest and other items for the hostess and guest.

  3. I am following from Social Parade! Come check out my blog!