Saturday, August 28, 2010

Terrific Tailgating- $5/1 Varsity Snuggie!

Ok, I think best of the best, in campy "As Seen on TV" products is the Snuggie! I could not pass up posting this coupon because it fits so well with the tailgating stuff I am posting now.

We have all been to those football games where we froze our butts off! And you certainly don't want to end up like this guy

you can save $5/1 Varsity Snuggie,

Kohl’s has them on sale through tonight for $9.99. Check with your local Kohl’s to see if they take coupons.

Target has them on clearance (in some stores) for $7.99! I actually got my son a one clearance a while back. The kid loves it!!

CVS will have them on sale starting 9/5 for $14.99.


  1. LOL, that poor guy is pretty hilarious! I made fun of the Snuggie for months and months after they hit the shelves...then someone gave me one. And it's plushy and soft and I loooove it. *sigh*

  2. I hated my snuggie/backwards robe. Matter of fact....I had it about 1 month before it gone thrown in the garbage.

    PS - Before I read your post, I just looked at the pic and was like WTH?! why is there a guy in a straight jacket on the snuggie commercial. Lol...I know.