Thursday, December 8, 2011

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Worst Christmas Songs Ever: Day 7 I'm gettin' nuttin for Christmas

Ok really, whoever wrote this song just needs to be shaken! Choosing a kid with a speech impediment is just kind of mean.  Making that child sing, is cruel.  And torturing the rest of the world with the song, is cruel and unusual punishment.  

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Worst Christmas Songs Ever: Days 5 &6 Funky, Funky Christmas and anything by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Here is the worst for Days 5 and 6.

Day 5 brings us Christmas cheer from one of the greatest? :/ boy bands ever New Kids On The Block.  So brace yourselves to have a Funky, Funky Christmas.  Because, logically Funky and Christmas are two words that just go hand in hand.

Day 6:  This one is for my husband.  He hates anything done by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.   He is right, most of their stuff is a weird combination of classic Christmas carols mixed with big 80's face melting hair metal, laser effects, and never-ending screeching guitar solos.  People lose their minds every time they tour. 

I won tickets to see Momma Mia! thanks to my children

I was so excited to find out that I won a pair of tickets to see the Broadway musical Momma Mia.    There was a local contest that I entered sharing a "mom moment".   My story was chosen as the funniest. 

The story that I shared was from a couple of years ago, but honestly I don't think that I will ever forget it. 

Our family was in the car coming home for having dinner out.   The radio was turned down, but you could still hear it in the background.  We were all talking to each other, and out of the blue my son (who was 5 at the time)  shouts," I didn't come from an egg, I am a mammal!"  I could tell by the tone in his voice he was deeply offended. 

My husband and I kind of looked at each other kind of puzzled and asked what was wrong.  My son told us to listen to the radio.  The station was playing some sort of commercial for a fertility clinic.   After we realized what he had heard, my husband and I were trying  so hard not to laugh, because he was still going on about being a mammal.  

My husband and I were having a hard time trying to explain the facts to him, because it caught us so off guard and we just couldn't help but laugh.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Worst Christmas Songs Ever: Day 3 &4: Do They Know It's Christmas and Christmas Conga

I am a little behind on days 3 and 4.   For some reason, I scheduled these post but they didn't post.  I just now noticed it, sorry!   I have been busy trying to get a cookie exchange organized for this weekend.   Right now, I am not sure if its worth all of the aggravation.   But, I am sure it will turn out fine.  

So without further adieu,  Day 3's offender is Do They Know It's Christmas Time by Band Aid.   Band Aid is a collection of assorted artist Bono, Boy George, Sting, you get the idea.    The purpose was to raise money for Ethiopian relief in 1984. 

My favorite lyric is : Do they know it's Christmas time at all?    Well, you have a 50-50 shot of that.  Here is a newsflash, not everyone in the world celebrates Christmas.  And if you truly want to do something good for the world, don't use one day as an excuse to do something good, try to do it on a daily basis.  Of all the artist involved in this project, Bono is the only that I believe is truly committed.  If you have been to a U2 concert, there is always a speech about African poverty and poverty in general around the world.  

Day 4: Christmas Conga by Cyndi Lauper.   It's not terrible, has a good dance beat.  But there really are no other lyrics except Bonga, Bonga, Bonga, doing the Christmas Conga. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

We were in the Christmas Parade last night in Star Wars costumes

Last night, my family and about 12 others braved the cold to participate in the local downtown Christmas parade.     The crowds were amazing!! It was reported that there were about 40,000 spectators out for the parade.

Most of my pictures are from just before the parade started, it's too hard to take pictures with fish flippers on.  I wore my Admiral Ackbar costume last night, with some minor changes to my costume.  I had to winterize it just a little bit.  

On the float, we had an assortment of trooper, bounty hunters, jedis, jawas, and of course Darth Vader and General Grievous, along with my Admiral Ackbar.    Even my Star Wars babies, pictured  made the parade.   

We had a great time being part of the Christmas parade last night.  After the parade, Ronald McDonald even wanted to get his picture taken with everyone, although some of us were already out of costume.  

Worst Christmas Songs Ever!! Day 3: Santa Baby

Santa Baby-  This song pains me to list on my worst list, because I love Madonna.  She is just one of several artist who have covered this song.   I just hate this song!  The original version is even worse, sung by Eartha Kit.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Homemade Star Wars Character Christmas Stockings

 When my husband and I first got married, we didn't really have a lot of money to spend on Christmas decorations.  We had no stockings, so I attempted to sew us a pair of Christmas stockings.     Sewing is not something that I do well and I don't have a sewing machine.   So all of the stockings that I made are hand sewn. 

 The second thing, being that money was tight.  I didn't have a lot of money to spend on fabric.  I purchased sheets of felt from my local craft store.  So I would say for around $8, I made two stockings. 

My children discovered them when we were putting up our holiday decorations and so now I am busy working on two more.

Here is what I used: 

Felt Sheets in assorted colors
red, white, black, green, brown thread
white paper
small red beads
thin ribbon

I started out by drawing just a simple stocking pattern on a 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper.  Using the whole sheet of paper.

Since we both love Star Wars, I decided that that is what our theme would be.  I tried to decide which characters would be the easiest to create with felt.   Then drew basic shapes to represent each character. 
I found that tracing around a half dollar coin, made the right sized heads.  

I cut each character out and sewed them together.  Once all of the characters were complete, I arranged them on the stocking and sewed them on.

I matched the stocking pieces together (outside in) and sewed them together.

Then I cut 2 inch stripes to go across the top and sewed those in place.   Once that was complete, I stitched mine and my husband's name across the top. 

This post is linked to Someday Crafts Chirstmas Linky. 

Worst Christmas Songs Ever!! Day 2: Christmas Shoes

During the holidays, the suicide rates go up.   Has anyone ever realized it is because of songs like this!!  This is the most depressing, saddest song ever.    I can't stand to hear it, it just brings the mood down.   Apparently, more then one artist has decided to remake this song too.    

Grab a box of tissue and enjoy  #2 Christmas Shoes.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Worst Christmas Songs Ever!! Day 1: Justin Bieber and featuring Busta Rhymes singing The Little Drummer Boy

Everybody has their favorite Christmas songs.  I have a few that I really enjoy hearing each year.  So, I want to make this clear, that this series of worst Christmas songs has nothing to do with Christmas bashing.

It is my response to the radio stations in my area.  You might have a station like this.  The station loves to play Christmas music for like 3 months straight and never seems to play any of the songs that you really love or put you in a holiday mood.  Instead, they play the stuff that after 3 months of non-stop play time makes your ears bleed and makes you want to beat someone with your shoe.  

So,  in honor of the 3 out of  5 radio stations in my area,  playing non-stop Christmas music, I am going to share what I consider to be the worst Christmas songs ever.   Please feel free to share your own.  I would love to know what gets on other people's nerves this time of  year.  

#1 Comes to us from that great Canadian philosopher known as, Justin Beiber and featuring Busta Rhymes.   It starts out good, but don't let it fool you.  I am pretty sure that if he showed up at the manger, he would make Baby Jesus cry with this offering. 

Ugly Christmas Lights Website

Well, now that the Christmas tree is up, Tis the season for 10 million imported Italian twinkle lights outside and all over the house and yard.   I really love driving around looking at houses decorated, most of them are tastefully decorated.    But there are those residences that take Christmas lights in the wrong direction. 

There is a great site called Ugly Christmas Lights.    If you have never seen this site before, check it out.  It will make you laugh.