Sunday, August 22, 2010

Photo Hunt Challenge

I found the Photo Hunt Challenge late in the month, so I am going to try and find everything for this months challenge. I am not a photographer, but I love to take pictures. Most of the time I end up using my phone to take pictures. This are my pictures for the challenge.

Photo Hunt Challenge List: August 2010
1. A flag that represents you (your town, state, country, team, etc.)

Wishful thinking, I would love to be a top chef.

2. Something comfortable

3. Something in season

4. Feet

5. Repetition

6. Culture or ethnicity


8. An indulgence

9. A macro or closeup

10. Something masculine

my husband's favorite food.

11. Something feminine

12. Light

13. Eco-friendly

14. Business

15. An arrow

16. Something wet

17. Something dry

18. Butterflies*

19. Heart-Shaped Clouds*

20. Strength


  1. You still have until the end of the month to shoot for the big photo hunt. I know that I'm still shooting as well. Be sure to post all your items on or close to the 1st of September.

  2. I love it!. the photos are beautiful..good job..

    mine is here

    happy sunday!

  3. great shots. Your feet photo really made me laugh. Thanks for sharing.

  4. the pancakes look yummy! Never thought of shooting comfort FOOD. Now that's creative. :)

  5. I really liked the object in your light photo... so pretty. And your first something wet was beautiful. Great job!

  6. I love your feet entry - fantastic

  7. your something in season make my mouth water... drool :)

  8. Nice job with the Photo Hunt! I love your something wet, flag and light. Thanks for participating, hope you join us again in October!