Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sweet and Simple Saturday Blog Hop

Welcome Saturday Blog Hoppers! Today is going to be light on the posts. My family and I are going to Zoo-A-Palooza. It is an concert event to help our local zoo fund a state of the art animal medical clinic to care for the resident animals.

Unfortunately, I think our zoo had a low entertainment budget. The entertainers performing are David Archuleta and a boy band called Runner Runner. I know Archuleta was an American Idol contestant, but the others I have no clue.

My husband is not very excited about it. His belief is that the only good music, is that of an 80's metal band (mainly Metallica). But, what he has to realize is that our kids are young! They aren't ready just yet for something like OzzFest.

I told him that I would provide him with ear plugs and remind him it is for a good cause.

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