Sunday, August 22, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This weeks interruptions: Leading Lines, Something Comfortable, Feet, Sight, and Sweet.

leading lines:

these are 2 glow sticks that my children had. I thought they were interesting and played around with them myself.

something comfortable

It is hard to beat comfort food. I think these pancakes are a good representation of a relaxed and comfortable weekend.


My husband and I are in several Star Wars costume groups. My husband is Vader. He and one of our friends were goofing off while getting ready for a charity event.


These are eyes from different species of geckos. We went to see a gecko exhibit at a local museum of natural history.

my R2 unit's optical eye. Plus it is a sight that you don't see everyday.


Not the greatest picture, but I loved how the colors looked. These are rainbow cupcakes that my children and I made.

I just started following so I am really late to the Photo Hunt Challenge, but I am going to try to get all 20 items in just a few days. Please check out my Photo Hunt Challenge post. Some of this pictures are repeated there.

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  1. That's pretty neat! Your beach photos reminded me of the dreary day we've had today. There was no usual Sunday morning beach trip this weekend.

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