Friday, August 6, 2010

The Austin and Santino Show!

If you are a fan of Project Runway, you should recognize the names Austin and Santino. Both were design contestants on Project Runway.

Austin is fabulous. When he was on Project Runway, I always thought that he was a vampire from the era of the French Revolution. He is very pale and seems to have a fondness for ascots. On the other side of that, he also likes to wear large glasses, which make him looking striking like Charles Nelson Reilly

Santino, is very urban, gritty and the complete and total opposite of all things Austin. About the only thing they have in common is fashion.

I applaud the geniuses at Lifetime for putting these two together! They are a modern day odd couple on a mission. Their mission is to bring fashion to the country. In their first episode, the pair met Sadie. Sadie is a cowgirl in desperate need of a makeover for the annual Cowgirl Ball. You could not ask for a better storyline! There is whit and humor, like this exchange between Austin and Santino :

Santino: Do you think we’ll still be friends after this adventure?
Austin: I certainly hope so…
Santino: Because I wish I could quit you.

The pair is amazing! They are honest unlike some plastic television hosts. If you have not seen this show, it is a must see. It is on Lifetime, Thursday at 10:30

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