Monday, November 7, 2016

Chic fil A Mom's Panel Member

I am happy to announce that I am a memeber of the Chic Fil A mom's panel again for another year.

I recieved a nice welcome package; fncluding an insultated bag, food coupons, sunglasses, and my children loved the little cow.  rom them on Friday.  I recieved this gift box Friday.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Victoria the white cat from CATS

My youngest daughter, who I call Peazie, has started to really enjoy musicals.  A few weeks ago, I introduced her to the musical CATS.  Together we watched the dvd of the play and I also read her some of the T.S. Eliot poems it was based on.

Being the little dancer and gymnast that she is, she immediately became interested in the white cat.  For those not familiar with the musical; the white cat is named Victoria.

I had taken her to the Halloween store to look at costumes.  She just didn't see anything she wanted to be.   After looking at some pictures of CATS cosplayers, she decided that was her costume.

We used a white long sleeve leotard and white leggings.  I had looked into ordering her a white unitard but this was more practical.   For her tail,  I used white marabou.  The rest of her fur came from a white scarf that i found at a local dollar store.  I cut pieces for her legs, arms, and neck.   We recycled a wig that my son had used for a school play.   Costwise, I spent around $25.  The most expensive part was the leotard.  

I think we captured the over all like of the character.

Our Halloween inspired lunches

I love making bento box lunches for my children.  Since I have such picky eaters, lunch can be a day to day challenge. I never know who will eat what.

   I have an album on my Facebook page that is called. " Our Lunchbox Project".   I have a weekly lunch meeting with the kids to plan our lunches.   During our lunch meetings, we look for lunch ideas, recipes, and plan our grocery list.   They are still picky eaters but it has helped.

II take pictures of the lunches I make to help me kind of keep of track of what they like and did not like.  It has also been a nice way to share lunch inspiration with friends.  I  was adding pictures this morning of some of our Halloween lunches and I thought I would share them here as well.

With this first lunch, we made simple hot dog mummies.  Our version is made with veggie dogs, but you can use any hot dog.  Pretzel and cheese broomsticks, apple slices, carrot sticks, and for dessert; Harry Potter inspired Sorting Hat caramels.  The caramels are hard to see in the picture.

The Sorting Hats are made with 2 caramel cube and I use a toothpick to create the eyes and mouth,

The Ghostbuster inspired lunch consists of a round turkey sandwich with a cheese and olive ghost on top.  I used red food coloring to help create the look of the logo.   A green carved apple face, I wanted it to look like Slimer,   The Ghost Crisps I found at World Market,   The little ghost picks i found at the local dollar store.

This lunch was inspired by Monster High for my oldest daughter.   A skull shaped PBJ.   I hand cut the shape of the skull and fashioned a bow out of fruit roll up.   Since she likes simple lunches, apple slices, carrot coins, and crisps finish her lunch,  I did add some pop rocks as a little treat.

I created a Ninja Turtle inspired lunch with a homemade un-crustable sandwich.   I made cuts on the top to look like a turtle shell.  I made "ants on a log" minus the ants nunchucks, pretzel sticks and a Ninja Turtle apple.   The apple is sliced in half, a grape was cut in half to create the eyes and wrapped with a fruit roll up.  

I hope you enjoy our lunchbox ideas.  Please leave a comment if you are a bento fan too.  I am always looking for ideas