Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fanboy Expo: Autographs, Photo Ops, and Toys!

This past Saturday, my family and I took a little road trip to Knoxville, TN to attend the Fanboy Expo.   This year the sci-fi convention had some really great celebrity guest in attendance.  For us, we were most excited to meet Adrian Paul from The Highlander tv series and Tim Rose, puppeteer and Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

My husband really loved The Highlander tv series so meeting "Duncan MacLeod" was exciting to him.   I do have to say that I love Adrian Paul's accent.  Listening to him talk during is Q&A session was great.   He was funny and genuinely seemed to enjoy meeting his fans.

I know my husband had wished that he could have spoken with him longer.  DH has always loved The Highlander.   As a gift one year, I bought my husband all 6  seasons on DVD.   We had this epic Highlander marathon one weekend.   That of course was before we had children and our TV got hijacked by Nickelodeon.

We took a short break after meeting Adrian Paul.  His line was the longest of the day for our family.  The kids were ready for a change of pace.    The venue for the event was held at a park, which was great! The kids were able to get outside and run around for a little bit.  After a bite of lunch, they were happy again.

For me, the highlight of our time there, was meeting Tim Rose.   Since, my Star Wars costume is Admiral Ackbar, it was a true pleasure to meet the man who actually portrayed the character. As a puppeteer he has worked on some of my favorite movies.  Return of the Jedi, Howard the Duck (cheesy but awesome), and Dark Crystal.   I went total nerd and brought my costume for 2 reasons.  1.) To get a picture with Mr. Rose and 2.) to enter the costume contest.    I mean, how often do you have to opportunity to meet the actors?

I really wished that I had the opportunity to speak with him a little bit longer.  I would have loved to have learned more from him about being Ackbar.

I am proud to say that I did win  for best costume in the "Best Sci-Fi" category.   I won an autographed poster.  It was signed by a graphic novel artist.  I am totally finding some place to display it.  As far as I am concerned, it is a trophy of sorts.

We did meet several other Star Wars actors.  My husband added their signatures to one of our multi signed pieces.

Of course, you can't go to a con without hitting the vendors area.   I only picked up a few items to add to my assorted toy collections.  My first purchase came in the way of Mr. Staypuft.   I have been fighting starting a Ghostbusters toy collection.  But, I just love that movie so much!  I never had any of the toys as a kid.  So I gave in and got the beloved marshmallow.  He really is in excellent condition.  The color is still white, no yellowing and no marks.

I need 2 more Ghostbuster figures, Slimer, and maybe an Ecto1 for my collection to be complete.

My second purchase was a bag of assorted Harry Potter action figures from the first 2 movies.   I paid $15 for the bag, which was reasonable for the 15 figures it contained.    I finally got a Ron Weasley in Hogwarts robes!  Which to me, made the bag.   I also picked up a Griphook figure and 3 of the Slime Chamber figures (2 Harrys and a Malfoy).   Some of the figures are extras or upgrades to the ones I already own.   I also was able to upgrade my large Hagrid figure by adding his pink umbrella accessory to him.  Now, if I can locate a baby Norbert, he will be complete.

I really love the mini Quiddich Harry and Hagrid figures.  I have been researching  more information on the "mini" figures.   My HP figure short list is growing.  I am now on the look out for a Ginny Weasley mini figure.

Thrifty Finds: Hallmark Ornamets and a super hero tot

Last weekend, we went to 2 of our local Goodwill stores trying to find a few pieces that would be useful to put the finishing touches on all of the children's Halloween costumes.   I guess it was a good day at the Goodwill because we actually found everything that was on our list.

Of course, while I am there, I can not pass up looking through the "Bags of Fun" for vintage toys.

This time no toys were really found, just some great Christmas ornaments that I will happily add to our tree.

The 2 carousel animals do not have any makers information that I can find.  I was hoping that I would be able to get more information on them.

The 2 Little Mermaid ornaments are Hallmark.  The first one I believe is the 2009 "Merry Coral Christmas Tree"  It is missing some parts, but I don't think it is terribly noticeable.  
The second ornament is from 1997.   I recognized it right away, because I actually already owned one of these ornaments.

The Daisy Duck ornament is from 2000.  It is the Disney Baton Twirler and is #4 in the series.

I also found this Super Hero, Supergirl Tot.   These were kid's meal toys that were given out at Sonic restaurants back in the summer.   I am still looking for the Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, and Aquaman.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Amazing Pumpkin Carving


This is one of our pumpkins from last year.  For the pumpkin carving overachievers, has a great gallery of 14 amazing carved pumpkins.   I feel really happy if I get 3 triangles and a mouth carved into our pumpkins.    The pumpkins they are featuring, some are truly works of art.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Spy


Change-  The best symbol of change this time of year is the leaves.   It is still a little early, but there are some changes starting.
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Your Choice-  This is an older picture, but I just love the way it looks.

Wordless Wednesday- Count Chocula

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It is just not Halloween without a little Count Chocula.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nature's Own Oatmeal Toasters Halloween Recipe

If you are looking for some more Halloween fun at lunch or snack time, try out this cute recipes using  Nature's Own Oatmeal Toasters.

This morning my children made Jack-O-Toasters for breakfast.  Oatmeal Toasters are whole grain squares that are a cross between a bagel and an English muffin with oats and sweet fruit.   They are available in cinnamon raisin and orange cranberry varieties.

We varied the recipe slightly opting for peanut butter for breakfast, instead of marshmallow fluff.  But, we used the marshmallow fluff version of the recipe as a fun snack time treat.


Servings: 5 Ready in: 5 minutes

Marshmallow Fluff Version

Five Nature's Own Oatmeal Toasters (Cranberry Orange or Cinnamon Raisin flavor)
Jack-o-lantern cookie cutter
All natural marshmallow fluff
Orange and green food coloring

1. Take each Oatmeal Toaster square and using the Pumpkin cookie cutter, create five "jack-o-lanterns"
2. Mix 1/4 cup of marshmallow fluff with orange food coloring
3. Mix a tablespoon of marshmallow fluff with green food coloring
4. Spread the orange mixture on the the Oatmeal Toaster, topping the pumpkin with green mixture
4. Add raisins to create the eyes and mouth of the pumpkin

If you are interested in other recipe ideas using Nature's Own Oatmeal Toasters or other products, visit Nature's Own website. 

*disclosure:  I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.   I did receive a sample product for the purpose of this post.  

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monster High Ghouls Rule DVD available tomorrow!

My children and I are huge Monster High fans.   We can not wait to see to watch Ghouls Rule!  The DVD will be available tomorrow October 9th.  You can check out the extended trailer.   

Monster High™: Ghouls Rule!, marks the first direct-to-DVD animated, feature-length film to be released by Mattel’s Monster High™ brand in partnership with Universal Pictures. Featuring CG animation, Monster High™: Ghouls Rule!, chronicles Halloween at the most fang-tastic school in town – and things are about to get scary! For years, students were warned that Halloween is a day when the “Normies” torment and taunt innocent monsters. But when Frankie Stein™ and her friends discover that ghouls used to rule Halloween, the monsters revolt against tradition! They decide to take back Halloween and restore it as a day when monsters celebrate their individuality and show everyone that it’s okay to Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster.™!

*disclosure:  No compensation was received for this post.  

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chip & Dip Layered Jack O Lantern

I found this really cute layered dip idea on's facebook page today.   For the complete recipe check out the link.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lowes Build and Grow - Ghoul Bus 10/13/12

The Lowes Build and Grow Workshop for 10/13/12 will be building a Ghoul Bus.   Perfect for Halloween.   These workshops are a lot of fun.  Each child gets to build a project to take home, along with safety goggles and work apron.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Spy


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Partylite ScentGlow Autumn Pumpkin Warmer Review

I love decorating my home for the Fall. One of the easiest ways to decorate is with candles.   They are so versatile ans can be dressed up or down for any occasion.  They add an instant coziness to my home that is such a welcome part of the fall and winter months.

Being the parent of young children, I have gotten away from regular candles.  I have been opting more for flameless candles  and scent warmers.   Both are just as beautiful, providing the same comfort and scents  to the home.    
I recently received the beautiful Autumn Pumpkin warmer from Partylite.   

  The white pumpkin warmer is perfect for autumn and Halloween decorations.    The electric warming plate heats and diffuses the fragrance throughout the house.  The pumpkin is made in three parts.   You can leave the lid off to create a stronger scent.  A hidden LED light provides a welcoming glow.   

I really have loved the Halloween Night Scent.  The catalog describes the scent as a, " Rich butterscotch, vanilla and spices are slowly stirred into a batch of warm, sugary caramel. It's a gooey, creamy, sinfully sweet treat."   There is something about it that reminds you of a cool night and the scent of Halloween candy. 

If you are interested in learning more about Partylite products, you can visit their website to find more beautiful decorating ideas.  You can also find a consultant in your area.  


* I did receive a sample item for the purpose of this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.  I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.  

Wordless Wednesday- falling leaves

Felt Zombie Craft

My oldest daughter and I went to the library yesterday.   She had a great time picking out just about every Halloween book she could find.   Needless to say, Halloween is her favorite time of the year.   We found this really cute book about making zombies out of felt.  My daughter said, "Mom, we need to make these!"  

The book is, Zombie Felties by Nicola Tedman & Sarah Skeate.
It has easy to follow instructions for 16 "gruesome" felt creatures.   The Micheal Jackson inspired "Thrilla" feltie is super cute.

When we got home we pulled out some felt, needles and thread.  While my youngest napped, my older daughter and I had a great time cutting out the shapes.  Our first project was the Zombie Bride.   She isn't exactly like the book version, but we love her.

The project instructions are easy to follow.   The little creatures could be made by older children.  Most involve simple stitching and some glued parts.

We have already started cutting out the pieces for the Pumpkin Zombie.   I hoping that we can make several of our favorites before the end of the month.  

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