Friday, August 13, 2010

I am missing Celebration 5!

This weekend is Star Wars Celebration 5 in Orlando, FL! To a Star Wars fan this is like the Super Bowl. It is the largest gathering of Star Wars. It is breaking my heart that we can't be there. There is no greater devastation to a Star Wars nerd then missing Celebration. This Celebration will be celebrating all things Empire Strikes Back. It is hard to believe that Empire is 30 years old! It is the best of the saga. None of the other movies can remotely compare to it. I could wax poetically about Empire and bore everyone to tears. Lets just say that for SW fans, Empire is the Shakespearean love sonnet.

For those who are looking for some Star Wars love. There will be a Star Wars speed dating session! There will also be a Star Wars Chapel, so in case the speed dating went really well, you can seal the deal. Your ceremony can be officiated by "light" or "dark" side characters of your choice. Some people would make fun of this, but, I can't really say anything. I met my husband in a Star Wars chatroom back in 1999 after The Phantom Menace came out. Yes, I think we would totally renew our vows at Celebration.

I would want Admiral Ackbar to marry us.

I would like the dancers from Jabba's Palace as bridemaids and R2-D2 as the flower droid.

Music, of course, would be provided by the greatest intergalactic blue elephant, Max Rebo.

Lucasfilm is working on a story project. Fans will have the unique opportunity to share their Star Wars memories by contributing to the Lucasfilm video archive.

The events that make me the saddest to miss is the Last Flight to Endor and Carrie Fisher's autograph signing. The Last Flight to Endor is a party at Disney. Star Tours is getting an updated revamp! It is hard to believe that Star Tours is 20 years old! Disney will be giving it a beautiful send off. They are ending the evening with a special Star Wars fireworks show! If you have been to Disney, the fireworks are amazing, I can only imagine what they will do!

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for participating in my blog hop - Friendly Wednesday! Hope to see you there next week!