Monday, July 5, 2010

Vacation Planning

When you have small kids it is important to be organized. I totally agree with that. You do have to be prepared. But sometimes, I think people take it a bit too far. I know someone who recently went to Disney and had every second of everyday planned. It just amazes me how many people think this is a good idea!

Isn't the point of a vacation to get away from your daily routine. You want to relax and take it slow. If I had to travel and have every second planned, it would exhaust me. If you plan a vacation that way, you are missing out on those wonderful unplanned moments, like discovering a great restaurant or some quiet time with your children. The point isn't to be in a frenzied rush.

Plan the big stuff! Where to stay, when to travel, maybe make a few dinner reservations. Then just let the rest happen.

Disney is a magical place. Yes, you will spend time in line. It's Disney, lines happen. Use that time to talk to your kids, your husband, your best friend, whoever is with you. Make the most of it!

Visit the characters your kids love the most. If you don't see them all, that's ok. Ride the rides you like, if you get to get everything, its ok.

Just Relax, your on vacation!

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