Thursday, July 1, 2010

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? This is a popular question now since Eclipse is selling out every possible showing!

Dare I admit it? I have not read the Twilight series books or even really watched the movies. There I said it! I am one of the few women in the world, not getting my panties all in a twist over Edward and Jacob.
Have I been living under a rock? No.. I have seen a few clips here and there. My sister drools at the mere mention of anything related to the Twilight saga.

For me, I don't know but I think it is too late to read the books. I think the whole series has been over hyped. I am afraid that it will just be lost on me. I just wont feel the love for it. Plus, I have some issues with whole vegetarian, day walking, glittering vampire idea. I guess I am a traditionalist. Perhaps if Dracula had started out as a glittery disco ball, I would be more accepting. Then you throw in werewolves, why? I honestly have never been into werewolves. I am not a dog person.

My sister is strongly camped on the Team Edward side of the fence. She digs Robert Pattinson's hobo chic good looks and his unicorn forest of velvety soft hair. (her words, not mine) I just see Rob and think of Cedric from Harry Potter.

Taylor Lautner, I just can't take him seriously! He looks like a Pound Puppy. That and the fact that he has Shark Boy as a credit on his resume. Have you seen that gem? My kids recently discovered it on the Disney Channel. Between George Lopez and Taylor, I was about to lose my mind. Granted, it is probably something that he wishes wasn't on his resume and his trying to move past.

I guess by default, I am Team Edward. I would pick vampire over werewolf in a street fight. Which ever side you are on, I hope you have enjoyed the new movie.

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