Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random Tuesday

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I am still obsessing over the Candwich. Intellectual curiosity: what does it taste like? Secondly, because sandwiches are so hard to make; what brain trust thought this up?

I saw Prince of Persia recently. All I could think during the whole movie was that Jake Gyhallenhal looks like Droopy Dog. Pay close attention to the eyes and length of face. Maybe it is just me.

Why is the Chia pet theme song stuck in my head?


  1. LOL, he does doesn't he. heheh thanks now I'll watch the movie think that.

    Happy RTT

  2. LOL, he's so buff in the movie and you think of Droopy Dog. I love it...I can also see it. :)
    Amanda (from: myramblings.ca)

  3. maybe thats why I think he looks hot I love droopy dog

  4. Now that you mention it he does look like Droopy do you think he knows? LOL!!