Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bonsais from Pro Flowers

I recently had the opportunity to select a gardenia bonsai from Pro Flowers for a product review.

My husband was like, "Why do you want a gardenia bonsai?"

First of all, I love the smell! Gardenias have such a beautiful fragrance. Who wouldn't love the fragrance in the house? Secondly,since we have been redecorating our master bedroom and bathroom, I wanted it to feel like a zen retreat. A bonsai is a perfect symbol of tranquility and harmony.

After reading the product descriptions, I wanted something that would be easy take care of. The gardenia bonsai needs sunlight, humidity, water every 2-3 days, and re-potting every 4-5 years. Not being blessed with the greenest of thumbs, I thought that it should be fairly easy to care for.

Pro Flowers has a great selection of other types of bonsai trees. In addition to plants and flowers, they also have a wide variety of teddy bears, gift, and fruit baskets suitable for any occasion. Their website is well organized and easy to browse. The product descriptions are extremely detailed. Each description is accompanied with high quality photos. You get the most accurate representation of the products.

My plant arrived by UPS within just a few days. It was carefully packaged and arrived just as described in great condition. Care instruction came with my bonsai and I had it set up in the master bathroom.

I had a great experience working with Pro Flowers and would certainly recommend them to anyone. I am already considering some of their gourmet gift baskets for the holiday season.

Disclosure: I received the bonsai from Pro Flowers for free. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my post. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and were in no way influenced by Pro Flowers.


  1. I am doing a review for proflowers for a gift basket. I wish I had know they had bonsai. I would have loved that!

  2. OHHH I LOVE Gardenias...When they are in full bloom is is absolutely great! Great post...Definitely need to check them out!@

  3. I love plants. I can never seem to keep them alive though. Going to check these out though and maybe give it another shot.
    Stopping by from Pitch It To Me

  4. I love the idea of getting a plant in the mail! I really like the planter it came in, it looks great! I keep plants in my bathroom too