Saturday, July 10, 2010

Outlast Hand Sanitizer Party!

Thanks to Mom Select and Outlast Hand Sanitizer, I had the opportunity to try Outlast Hand Sanitizer product with my family and introduce it to other moms.

Here is some information about Outlast:
Outlast is an alcohol based hand sanitizer and works for up to 6 hours. Most hand sanitizers stop working after 2 minutes. It has a patented formula developed by researchers at Columbia University Medical School. Surgeons and healthcare professionals have been using Outlast Hand Sanitizer formula for year in hospitals.

I really like that fact that it works for so long. That is a great way to fight germs, especially when busy little hands get into everything.

I learned something else from hosting this party. Did you know your purse can make you sick?! I never really thought about it. I am terrible about plopping my purse down wherever. In a study for ABC News, 50 women's purses were tested and half of them tested positive for coliform bacteria. This indicated the possible presence of human and animal waste. One out of 4 purses tested positive for E. coli germs. That is really scary to me. I am always very careful in public restrooms, but I never thought to consider some of the others places my purse lands.

Here are few tips for keeping your purse cleaner:

1. Never leave your handbag on the floor or counter, when using a public restroom. Instead use the hook provided on the back of the door. And keep your purse on your shoulder when washing your hands.

2. Break the habit of coming in the door and plopping your purse on the kitchen table or countertop. This transports germs, bacteria and other organisms directly to the surfaces where food is prepared and eaten!

3. When you're out and about, clean the outside of your purse frequently paying special attention to the bottom. If you have a cloth purse, have it professionally dry-cleaned occasionally.
This will be a great product to have handy during the upcoming school year.

4. Make cleaning your purse, your kids backpacks and lunchboxes part of your evening routine. Then move on to the other hot spots in your house: frequently used door knobs and doorways, kitchen and bathroom faucets, refrigerator handles, kitchen counter tops, light switches, remotes, computer keyboards and your kid's favorite toys!

5. Use a Clipa handbag hanger to keep your purse elevated and off the dirty floor.

We also played several games that helped mom's and children see how quickly germs travel! I think that the activities were really eye opening for everyone. Everyone got to take a home a little goodie bag with Outlast and some information to share with others. I am really impressed with Outlast. I think it will become my family's hand sanitizer of choice.

Disclosure: This product was provided to me free of charge. I have not received any monetary compensation from Outlast Hand Sanitizer or MomSelect. The opinions expressed in this post are my own honest thoughts and have in no way been influenced by Outlast Hand Sanitizer or MomSelect.

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