Friday, July 9, 2010

One of those days!

Do you ever have one of those days when you find yourself thinking," Jesus himself could not babysit my children without putting them in a headlock?"

I love my kids, don't get me wrong. But for some reason, at least once a month, we have those types of days.

Yesterday, my precious 2 year old daughter thought it would be a great day for her Barbies to have a pool party! I know that she was thinking Barbie is plastic and it being 100 degrees, she needs to stay cool. Except for Barbie decided to host her pool party in the toilet!

I wish I had taken a picture. There they were, 6 naked Barbies floating in the toilet. Two things popped into my mind, 1.) Thank God the toilet was flushed before they went for a swim, because that could have been ugly. 2.) They really will be bleach blonds when I am done with them.

So we had the talk about where Barbies could swim and we don't put things in the potty except for pees and poops.

A little while later, I hear a crash coming from the same precious 2 year old's room. I go to investigate, there she is on the floor crying, wearing her brother's Buzz Lightyear costume. Between the tears, I find that she was trying to recreate Buzz's flying scene from Toy Story 1. She used her little chair and dresser drawers to get on top of the dresser, where she apparently proceeded to fly. She wasn't not hurt thankfully! And, she learned that she is also NOT A FLYING TOY!

I am hopeful that today will be a little less eventful and Barbie doesn't host another pool party.


  1. This is too funny!! I think we all have "one of those days!) Stopping by from NFF {although I know it's Saturday- our internet wasn't working for most of Friday:)}

  2. I remember those days of my child's imagination. The toilet thing is so common, What is it with the small bowl that intrigues them? Love the Bleach blond's comment.
    Well it can only get better as they get older,lol. Mine is a teen now and some of her on going things are still humorist to me. She invited a guy friend over after I craved in on my "No, Not happening" words. When he arrived she said "This is awkward" and then wanted me to shadow them the whole time,LOL.There went my plans to have some Me time,LOL.

  3. The first line of your post is classic. Every parent can relate.

    This is hilarious. A gem.

  4. What a creative child you have, making do like that!haha That would almost be worth a reenactment photo! Too funny...