Friday, July 9, 2010

5 question Friday!

1. What is one food you could eat everyday?

Any kind of Mexican food! The spicier the better. I love to make my own flour tortillas guacamole, beans and rice, chili rellenos! I am getting hungry just thinking about it lol.

2. Are you working in the career you thought you would be when you were 18?

Right now, my career is being a mom. At 18 did I see that, no. My other career is/was a teacher. That is not what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be an animator. But, I let others talk me out of it. Do I have some regrets? yes, but I am ok with it. Teaching was fun for awhile, Do I want to go back to it? Not sure.

3. What is something that you wish you would have done when you were younger and you didn't?

I wish I had traveled a little more.

4. What color are your kitchen walls?

My kitchen and dinning room, I designed to match my fine china. It is a Wedgewood pattern called Cornucopia.

The kitchen walls are done with a faux finish called Tuscan Latte. Then the dinning room the top half of the walls are the Tuscan Latte, then braided chair rail with an antique finish, the lower half is a beautiful navy blue color which I can't remember the name of.

5. Do you remember what your very first favorite song was?
"Like A Prayer" by Madonna

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