Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Anyone watching Design Star?

Normally, I really love HGTV Design Star. In the past, they have found some really great designers. I love David Bromstead! He was a great find.

But this season is just sad. None of the designers are interesting! And for the most part, I don't really think they could decorate a paper bag. The show has been centered around team challenges. That is not the point of decorating.

I want to see what each designer can do. They are the ones that will be hosting a new show. Or is HGTV giving it to a whole group of designers?

This week's challenge was to design a model apartment in a new Trump property. You would think that the designers would go over the top with luxury designing.

Instead, Tom made a bathroom look like a Willie Wonka blueberry. The room is small, with no natural light and he choose the darkest,bluest paint color he could possibly find. Then paints the ceiling and the door!! Then spent a majority of time repainting the door because it was too dark. While I understand what he was trying to accomplish, I don't understand his color choice.

Stacey bought a beautiful headboard.

That would have looked amazing in the apartment. She decided not to put the mattress on the bed?? You need a mattress Stacey! You also need some linens for the bed. A sheet just doesn't cut it. To make matters worse, she paired it with curtains made out of painter's tarp.

The judges have been brutal this season. I think Simon Cowell has taken over Vern Yip's body. He has ripped designers a new one this season.

Frankly, I don't understand why HGTV is going through the trouble of finding a new design star. HGTV needs to change its name to House Hunters. I am sick of shows that are only about selling property. I don't care about House Hunters, or staging your home for selling it. I don't care if you have over priced your home and now you need a Property Intervention.

If I wanted to watch real estate listings, I would tune into my local cable access channel and not waste my time with HGTV.

I already have a house. I want to know how to decorate it!! That is why I tune in, but sadly those shows are lacking.

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  1. Oh really? I have all of the DVR'd bc my friend is a producer of the show. Bummer. I won't tell him though.