Thursday, July 1, 2010

Do you have a store that you just won't go in, even if it means driving past it to go to another store?

Do you have a store that you just won't go in, even if it means driving past it to go to another store? I found this topic on another blog and thought the responses were interesting.

For me, the answer is yes. Walmart!

Being newly married, my husband and I would make weekly treks to our local Walmart for our shopping needs. It was convenient, we thought we were saving money. It was the place to go.

The more we shopped there, the less enchanted we became. The produce department always looks like a demilitarized zone. Being mostly vegetarian, the produce department is important to me. I think they bus local Jr. High School students in there to start a food fight. There is always bits and pieces of smushed produce on the floor. You can usually find something that went from good, to bad, to just plain ugly still on the shelf.

My final straw came when I was pregnant with my son. As you know, a pregnant woman has the bladder the equivalent to the size of pea. I had to go! I went to the restroom and the smell of industrial cleaning products and stale urine was just overbearing. I walked out and told my husband that I would rather pee my pants then use that restroom. The Walmart restrooms are like their own special level of Hell. Dante would be proud!

If you have a question or need something in the store, forget it! I think that they have special employee training classes that teach the employees how to master the blank stare and slack jawed response. I ventured into Walmart this past April. Terracycle and Walmart had an Earth Day "promotion". I love TerraCycle so I was willing to go look for their products. The "promotion" was nowhere to be found! I asked an employee who greeted me with the blank stare. They didn't know what I was talking about. After that, I was like ok, lets try Customer Service. You would think they would be helpful. Wrong! Same expression! I had gone for over 3 years without stepping a foot in Walmart. I broke that just for Terracycle. I never did find what I was looking for!

So that is my Walmart tirade. Do you have a store you won't shop at? Vent away!

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  1. I, too, am an anti walmart person. Being a green, ecofriendly person I dislike the 'get more and get it cheap' mentality that walmart promotes. Really, do we need to decorate our bathrooms for every holidsy? Do we need to buy 30 pairs of shoes when 3 or 4 would do just fine? And, they treat their employess pitifully in terms of pay and insurance. Not to mention the fact that I can never find anythign in there!