Saturday, April 3, 2010

First Time Paintballer

A friend of ours has some property and decided to start his own paintball field. He and his family have been playing for several years. They invited us today before they have a grand opening to the public. I have never played before, so this is going to be a
new experience for me. Wish me luck! I will have to post pictures later.

UPDATE:Alright, so I played 2 games. First of all, those things hurt! I didn't get hit too many times but I do have a few marks on my leg and bruise on my hand. It really is great fun.
Since, Chuck Norris doesn't sleep, he lays in wait. I channeled my inner Chuck Norris, stayed low and in one place. Suprisingly, I am a pretty good shot. I did make a few hits.
But now it is time for a hot shower, a little relaxing, and good meal!

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