Thursday, April 15, 2010

Terra Cycle Kites

I have been looking in every Walmart in my area for the TerraCycle products. I finally found the M&M kite today! Which I am thrilled about!

The school that my children attend collect items to send back to TerraCycle. TerraCycle pays 2 cents for each piece they collect and send back to TerraCycle. It is a great program to help put money back into the school. TerraCycle makes hundreds of items that are eco-friendly and affordable because they are made from waste. After you see how cool these items are, you really start to think twice about waste. Plus, it teaches kids a valuable lesson about recycling.

I purchased the kite for $4. My youngest asked if those were some of her M&M wrappers. I said of course those are some of our wrappers. We tried to have some kite flying time, but the wind today just wasn't strong enough. Maybe tomorrow...

TerraCycle and Walmart have paired up to feature their products for the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. The promotion is for a limited time April 5-29 , 2010. Be on the look out in your local Walmarts (US ONLY) for new tote bags made from upcycled Frito Lays bags, kites made out of M&M and Skittles wrappers. Assort bags and lunch bags made from drink pouches. They also have a full line of journals, notebooks, and folders. You will love them! Please consider how you can start a TerraCycle program in your own child's school or day care.

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