Monday, April 26, 2010

Her Universe- Merchandise for Fangirls!!!

I am a huge Star Wars fan! I have loved Star Wars since I was 3 years old. I always wanted to be Princess Leia. My daughter is named after Princess Leia. But one thing about Star Wars, is that it has always catered to the Fanboys. Nevermind the young girls who grew up with it, loved it, and passed that love on to their own children. Yeah George, we are a little ticked!!

But, thanks to Ashley Eckstein (voice of Ashoka Tano ) she is entering into a multi-year deal with Lucas Licensing to develop and produce a line of female-focused Star Wars products, to be made available at conventions throughout the country and via the Her Universe website. Right now, there are only a few designs but I love what I am seeing so far!! Check out Her Universe on Facebook

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