Friday, April 9, 2010

Shopping Trip-Target/Walgreens

I never have those huge shopping trips like other bloggers. I want to be that blogger that has like $200 worth of stuff and only pays .50.

Today's trip wasn't too bad. First off, was Walgreens. I love when they have deals on prints!
I got the 20 free prints, 80% off a collage (I got 8x10), 1 free 8x10, and a 1 free 8x10 from Snapfish and picked up at Walgreens. Total for photo processing this week: .85

I really didn't need anything from Target but I wanted to check out the Easter clearance. So I got 2 boxes of egg dye, 1 vitamin water, 1 bag of Sun Chips, and 1 package of Thinwiches for this weekend.
Total: 1.38


  1. Loved the "Want to be the blogger that has $200 worth of stuff and pays fifty cents". I aspire to be those women as well!

    Stopped by from UBP 2010

  2. Here in canada that's pretty impossible, as we don't have the same kind of coupons that you guys have access to in the USA. I think the most I've ever saved w/ a coupon is $10.

    Would be cool, though!

    Just dropping by with the blog party to say hello ;) I like your blog name!

  3. Visiting from the UBP ! I love Target. I hope you'll stop by my site I'm your newest follower