Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MAIL CALL 4/14/2010

My mail call post for today. I won a t-shirt on Facebook from Palmetto Cheese! Being from SC, I am pretty familiar with their products. If you have never heard of it or tried it, this is my personal thoughts: IT IS THE BEST PIMENTO CHEESE EVER!!! and the JALAPENO CHEESE IS AMAZING!!!

I know that Costco & Publix sells their pimento cheese. Check at your local store to find it.

The other item is an El Monterey save $5 coupon on any product. My family doesn't really eat frozen meals, but I won the coupon from a contest El Monterey ( I am hopelessly addicted to online contest). They have a contest where you post your favorite ways to save money and people vote on their favorite tips. You can win coupons, t-shirts, board games, a Wii, and a BluRay player. Check out my El Monterey post here:

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