Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Quick and Easy Vegetarian "Fried Chicken" Summer Tacos

 Our family stays busy year round and in the summer, I think we are even more busy.  So I take the semi homemade approach to make this quick and easy meal.

Becoming vegetarian was a little scary.  I was afraid that I would end up eating the small old things, beans and rice, salad, and that meals would become boring.   Well thankfully that has not been the case.   My family has found that we really enjoy the Gardein products.   We have found that they help make meal time easier on those nights when cooking from scratch is just not an option for us.

I made these vegetarian fried chicken tacos last night for dinner along with a fresh pineapple relish. This is a recipe that can also be adapted for those who want chicken.

Summer Fried Chicken Tacos,

1 bag of Gardein chicken tenders  ( this can be made with real chicken tenders, store bought or homemade as well.)
mixed greens
multicolored shredded carrots
avocado, diced
green onions, chopped
pineapple relish ( see recipe below)
sweet and spicy bbq sauce  - (use your favorite brand)
flour tortillas

Bake the Gardein chicken tenders according to the bag directions.    While they are baking prepare your pineapple relish.

Pineapple Relish
fresh pineapple diced
1 small onion diced
1 jalapeno, diced and seeded
lime juice
salt and pepper to taste.

Once everything is ready assemble your tacos.  I like to add the shredded carrots, it just gives the tacos a little extra color and crunch.   The pineapple relish and bbq sauce give the tacos a nice sweet, spicy, and smoke flavor.

This is a quick 30 minute meal that the whole family will enjoy.

( The opinions expressed in this post are my own.  I did not recieve any payment, goods or services for this post.)

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