Wednesday, April 7, 2010

El Monterey's Facebook Page

You can go to El Monterey’s Facebook page, click on ‘Save On Cinco Challenge’. Share your favorite tip for family savings and earn 10-points. Use these points to get a BOGO Free coupon for El Monterey Tornados!

Plus, if you rate other people’s comments you will earn additional points to get other goodies!

UPDATE: Ok, so I made this post yesterday. I have never eaten anything made by El Monterey. But, because I posted some savings tips, I got enough points to get 1 BOGO coupon, 1 $5 off coupon, a t-shirt, a raffle ticket for a Blu Ray, and a family game night prize. Not too bad for a couple of days. My son is really into board games lately so he will be excited about the games. I would love to win the Blu Ray. We will see, I am never that lucky!

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