Sunday, April 4, 2010

Annual Tossing of the Eggs

My family has never been a fan of hard boiled eggs. My husband would curl up in a fetal position, if I even remotely suggested we make deviled eggs. So one year, the dyed Easter eggs were starting to get a little more suspicious smelling then just the vinegar, so we decided to toss them.
Near our home we have open fields. The plan was to take them out side toss them in the field. We figured the neighboring animals would appreciate the snack.

But, my family loves a little mayhem. For example, we have launched our worn out Halloween/Thanksgiving pumpkins off cars for distance. We tried to blow up a watermelon once on the 4th with firecrackers. It was anti-climactic. We were sort of hoping for a Gallager type watermelon explosion. That just didn't happen.

Our annual Easter tradition now is, to take the eggs and toss for distance combined with some hang time. If the eggs bounce without exploding on impact, we go scoop them up and try again. It really is fun and I am sure our neighbors think we are crazy.

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