Thursday, April 8, 2010

Empire Strikes Back Entertainment Weekly Cover

I am totally fan girling over the new cover of Entertainment Weekly! Empire Strikes Back is and will always be my FAVORITE Star Wars movie. There are so many great things about it.

First of all, it has muppets! When you first meet Yoda, I was just memorized by him. I was very sad that LFL went CGI with yoda. There is something special about the human element associated with the character, that a computer can't create.

Han Solo & Princess Leia!! I love them! Han Solo is and will always be a pimp! When she says, "I love you", and all he says is, "I know." OMG !! That is Shakespearean romance to Star Wars nerds. I cried when he got frozen, being like 5 at the time, it took awhile to get over that emotional scarring. Then after that you are hit with, "Luke, I am your father". That movie left you dazed, confused and wanting more!!

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