Monday, June 6, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I have tried to do menu planning before.  For the most part, things go well until  we hit mid week.  That is when everything always seems to go haywire.    But, I am staying on the wagon this time.   I am vowing to stick to it and make all of our summer meals easy!

I will share some of the recipes later this week.  

Monday:  Greek grilled chicken and pitas, homemade tazaki sauce, lettuce and tomato for pitas, and sweet potato fries.  

Tuesday:  Salad Bar Night!  Organic mixed salad greens and toppings.  Everyone can make their own. 

Wednesday: Veggie Burgers and Mexican Bean Salad, frozen bananas dipped in chocolate

Thursday:  Grilled Kabobs and Wild Rice

Friday:   BLTs, Chips, and Fruit Salad

Saturday:  Pizza NightHomemade Pizza and hot fudge sundaes. 

Sunday:  YOYO

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  1. I used to have trouble sticking to my menu as well until I realized how much food I was wasting by not cooking what I had bought.

    That and the thought of more takeout (and the expense!) is what keeps me on plan.

    Good luck,

    *visiting from MPM*

  2. Oh a frozen banana sounds sooo good!