Friday, June 17, 2011

My picky eaters and French's Onion Chicken

Between my husband and my son, cooking dinner can be, well....... a pain in the butt!!!

They both are really picky  "selective" about what they like to eat.   My husband, typically doesn't like anything ending in salad, Mexican, or casserole.    Vegetables, pork, and beef are not on the top of my son's favorite foods.  

One day, my son popped up after seeing the French's commercial that talks about the chicken recipe and says,"Mom, we need to make that!"   I was, of course, in shock because he doesn't like onions.  I was like,
" bubby, you know those are onions, right??. "    "Yeah, but I still want to try it"

Last trip to the store, I picked up a container of onions and we made the chicken.   You can get the recipe from the website or the container.  The recipe is really simple, you only need chicken, 1 eggs, some flour, and the French's onions.   It cooks for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. 

I was really worried that my son wouldn't eat it!   But he loved it!!   So if you have a picky selective eater, you might want to give this recipe a try.  Plus it is a great one to have in the recipe box, when you are looking for a quick meal.  

I didn't receive any product or compensation for this post.   I simply tried the recipe and wanted to share my opinion about it. 

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