Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's in your beach bag?

When summer time comes around, everyone starts thinking about heading to the beach or to the pool.  Some times when packing a beach bag, I feel like I am taking everything including the kitchen sink. There are always the usual things.

Sunglasses are of course a must have.   I tend to go for cheaper sunglasses because they either get broken or lost.  My sister got this great pair of Ray-Bans that I would love.  But, I just know that if I put that much into a pair, it will not end well. 

Sunscreen!  There have been so many things in the news about sunscreen being good, then bad, then good again.   Recently, the FDA announced new rules for sunscreen.    The best thing to look for, is a product that offers UVA and UVB protection.  As well as a product that has an SPF of 15 or higher.   To learn more about the new rules regarding sunscreen and tips to protect yourself, check out The Skin Cancer Foundation website.

Hat-  I have a straw hat that I picked up at Target a few years ago.  It has a wide brim and is super comfortable.   Wearing a hat is another great way to protect from the sun. 

Phone/Camera-   I am lost with out my Blackberry.  It's kind of like my third child.  So I never leave home without it.  It is always fun to capture those great beach/pool pictures.   

Visine Summer Spectrum Eyedrops-  I have sensitive eyes, so for me these are another must have.  These eyedrops are made specifically to help relive summertime irritations caused by chlorine and salt water, as well as dryness caused by sun exposure and wind.
I love to swim and the chlorine always makes my eyes sting.   I have found that these work really great for me.  You can find these at CVS for around 3.99.   
*I did receive a sample for the purpose of this review.

The next thing that I have to have is plenty to drink!   For me personally, I love Metromint waters.   Metromint is mint and water.  They use the essential oils in the water, so you get a nice refreshing cooling sensation.  Metromint comes in several different flavors, but my personal fav is the spearmint.

If I don't have Metromint, I love to carry True Lemon packets with me.   True Lemon comes in several flavors (lemon, lime, orange)  They are made from cold pressed and crystallized lemons, limes, and oranges.   All natural ingredients and contain no carbs.  These packets are great with water or tea.    You can also get lemonade and raspberry lemonade packets to add to your water.  

Towel/ Cover-up

iPod-   I like a lot of assortment in my music.  My ipod mix is heavy on the 80's-90's music.  But, right now I am  loving the new Lady Gaga cd. I have some novelty hip hop and some music for meditation.

Brush, Body Spray, Hairbrush, Lip Gloss-   After sitting outside or on the sand all day, you really don't want to smell like the beach.  I like to have a freshen up kit with me in my bag.
I always carry some sort of Bath and Body Works body spray with me.   My newest favorite is the Deep Aqua scent.    It is a great summer time fragrance.  It is cool and crisp with a light floral scent.  It is a perfect refreshing scent.

I also like to have with me, the Moisture Plus lip balm by Carmex.   It is one of their newer products.   The Moisture Plus is a hydrating lip balm that offers sunscreen/SPF 15 protection.    It contains Vitamin E and Aloe that add to the moisturizing protection.   It is lightly tinted, so it will give you just a hint of color.   I like the sheer pink tint.  

Flip Flops or Sandals-  When the temperature hits around 75 degrees, then its time for flip flops!   I am a flip flop junkie!    I am always going to Old Navy to get flip flops for cheap.    Flip Flops are great because you can totally customize them with ribbon, flowers, rhinstones, whatever you like.     If you need a summer craft project, pick up a pair of inexpensive flip flops and some craft supplies and have fun.   There is even a special flip flop glue that you can find at your local craft store for adding embellishments. 

Well, it looks like my beach bag is ready to go!   See you at the beach!

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