Monday, June 20, 2011

Thrift Finds! Swatch Watch and action figures

My husband wanted to go to the flea market with me!!  For him to do this, I have to catch him in the right mood.   This week though, he has been on a mission to find Xbox cords.

You see, he works for an apartment community and people leave or toss good stuff ALL THE TIME.  He had found this Xbox a few months ago and decided to hold on to it.  Then he did some research on the internet and figure out that he could rebuild it, but he needs the cords.   That is the only reason he wanted to go, he was looking for cords, but it turned out that we made some awesome finds.

The first was a 1987 Snow White Swatch Watch for the grand total of .50!  My picture looks a little funny, because the Snow White has a mirrored face.  My husband loved these when he was in  junior high school.   We picked up a battery at Walmart and the watch still works.
Now, he has been googling and cruising Ebay to look for other Swatch watches.

We also picked up this really cool 1987 GI Joe cartoon TV tray for $5.   We thought that it would be perfect for our little boy to use for drawing, playing, eating snack.

 We found a trunk for our daughter to put her dress up clothes in for $6.  Which we have already started stickering up

And no trip to the flea market is complete without us bringing home an assortment of vintage/retro action figures.  We hit the jackpot this week!

We picked up 3 vintage Lanards (GI JOE'S cheaper cousins) for $1.50.    The Lanards are hard to find because Hasbro sued in the 80's over copyright issues.
And speaking of GI JOE, we picked up a 1985 Cobra Crimson Guard Twin for .25.

My little girl loves Wonder Woman and Batman.  We found some JLA and Batman figures for her.  We got Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Batgirl for $3.  Now, if I can just find Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn her set will be complete.   (not pictured)

For me, I have some mad love for all things Ghostbusters.   I picked up an Egon figure.  Egon (Harold Ramis) is my favorite of the Ghostbusters. He was only a $1.

We love all things that come in action figure form around our house.  We got all this stuff for around $20.

Plus, my husband did find one of the chords he needed for $1.  He is still looking for the main power chord.

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