Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I was informed by my 3 yr old daughter, that she does not like nuts.  She only likes doughnuts.   I am not exactly sure where this will leave her best friend peanut butter.

Is it too early for me to complain about the heat?    Generally, I am not a complainer.  I live in the South, I know what I am in for during the summer.   However, the car does not have a working AC right now.   Yes, I am soft!  I need cold air pulling in my face at all times.  Sadly though, I just don't see us getting it fixed anytime soon.

My son starts playing under hand pitch baseball this week.   He has played sports in the past, but he didn't seem connected to the games.  But, I have a feeling that baseball is our sport.

I am the only person who thinks 3D movies are overrated? We have seen Pirates and the new Kung Fu Panda.   I wasn't impressed with the 3D.    My husband doesn't understand my dislike of 3D.   First of all the cost and secondly, the 3D isn't that great.   There might be a handful of scenes in 3D.   I just see it as a money making scheme.  I am very low tech when it comes to TV and movies.  I don't need to live the movie or have the whole sound experience on a TV that is as wide as I am tall.

Well, that's all the randomness for this week....

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  1. Oh man, the heat seems bad this year. I lived through three N. Florida summers with no air in my car; it's doable but crappy. Happy Tuesday!

  2. My daughter plays underhand pitch baseball and LOVES it. Her team is undefeated this year!

    Happy RTT!

  3. I'm mad at Mother Nature this year because she's dishing out some serious heat and it's too early in the year for that mess! I couldn't live without the A/C in my car - I'd literally melt! :)

    That's too funny your daughter has informed you that she doesn't like nuts - her best friend peanut butter is really going to be sad. Well, unless she says it's peanut butter donuts that are her best friend. :)

    Yay for your son playing underhand pitch! Princess Nagger has shown no interest in any kind of sports yet... :)

    I do think 3D is overrated - especially for the fact that they charge you an extra $3 per ticket for the glasses...why not let you reuse them and save the $3? Of course they want you to recycle them at the end of the movie, but I figure they should give a refund if you do...I'm keeping them since I technically paid for them. Of course that means we have so many 3D glasses hanging around now. ;)

    Thanks for being a rockin' rebel with me! :)

    Hot Flashes, Pretty Bird and an Absent Minded Nod: RTT Rebel