Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hollywood Treasure- My new favorite TV show

Hollywood Treasure, is quickly becoming my new favorite TV show.   It is on Wednesday nights on Syfy.    The show follows Joe Maddalena.  He is the owner of Profiles in History, which is an auction house for original movie, TV and pop culture costumes, props, and relics.

The show features the most amazing items.  In last nights episode, Joe visits the home of a Back to the Future collector.  In the guy's garage sits the Old West Delorean from Back to the Future 3.   Joe asked the guy if he would ever consider selling it and estimated that it could bring probably a million at auction.  Of course, it wasn't for sell, but the item he did sell ( Hobgoblin Mask from Spiderman) sold for 17,000.

The item that had my heart beating was one of the original painting from Disney's Haunted Mansion ride.    
The one that went up for auction was the girl on the tight rope.  Originally, these were hand painted on canvas.  Now they are printed.   The man who had the painting deals in animation art and from the sound of it, just had this sitting in a back room!!  OMG, are you kidding!!!   The Disney Haunted Mansion is like my favorite ride.  I was going nuts over this.  It sold at auction for $47,000.   I can't imagine just having that kind of money to throw around on anything and everything I want. 

I do a few a prop items from several of the ABC soaps.   Disney used to host an event called Super Soap Weekends.  It was great!!  They would have different soap stars that you could meet and get autographs.  But they also had props and costumes for sell.  With all of the soaps getting canceled, maybe someday my items will be worth something.  

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