Monday, June 6, 2011

Cucumber & Mint Cooler

It was nearly 100 degrees here today!!  Ugghh, where is winter??

This Cucumber & Mint Cooler is a great way to cool off after being outside.  I know it sounds a little strange.  But actually,  during the summer time, mint should be one of your best friends in beating the heat.

The mint is a natural cooling agent for the body.   The mint tricks your brain into thinking that you feel cooler.

The other great thing about this drink is the Cucumbers.  They have a high water content.  This will help you increase your water intact.

Cucumber & Mint Coolers:

 Combine 8 ounces of filtered water with 4 thin slices of cucumber and 2 fresh mint leaves (roll leaves between thumb and forefinger to gently “bruise” them and release oils). Pour over ice.

I like to make this in advance and get it super cold.   It is really refreshing!

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