Thursday, June 24, 2010

Top Chef- School Lunch Challenge

Last night on Top Chef, their challenge was to create a nutritious, well balanced and low sugar lunch for 50 children. Their budget was $130.

Watching this challenge really shed a lot of light on how limited the school budgets are. It was really kind of sad watching these chefs try to plan meals, but ultimately some ingredients had to be cut out because they were over budget. No wonder we have an obesity problem among children. It is cheaper to get a meal at McDonalds then it is to buy 3 pounds of produce.

The winning team created an amazing taco lunch. Roast pork tacos, with homemade oatmeal tortillas, roasted corn and tomato salad, and a dessert that included chocolate and sweet potatoes.

The losing chef totally missed the mark. She created a banana pudding that had almost 2 pounds of sugar in the mix.

Did anyone else watch? What did you think of the challenge and the dishes the chefs made?

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