Friday, June 4, 2010

Five Question Friday

1. If you could go back to college would you change your major? Or, if you were to go to college right now...what major would you choose?

If I could go back to school, I would major in 3-D computer animation and illustration. That is what I really wanted to do "when I grew up". But, I let other convince me that I "needed" a more secure job.

2. What do you love most about your home?

I love that we have finally finished putting personal touches on our house. We moved in 4 years ago. It was a brand new home and was filled with bland contractor basics. Paint does wonders! I started with my kid's rooms and then tackled the living room, dinning room and kitchen. The master bedroom is the only room still needing a little work.

3. What types of books do you like to read (if you like to read at all)?

I love to read science fiction, especially Star Wars. I also love smutty romance novels. The campier and cheesier the better.

4. What is the grossest thing you've ever eaten?

Deep fried crickets , just don't ask. next question

5. If you HAD to be a character on a TV show, whom would you be?
I don't really watch a lot of TV, so this is a tough question. I guess I would have to say I would want to be a contestant on Project Runway. I love watching that show. I love Tim Gunn! I think it would just be amazing to work and talk with him.

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