Thursday, June 17, 2010

Top Chef DC Premiere

I enjoyed watching the Top Chef DC premiere last night, but I think they got off to a slow start. I don't have a favorite chef yet. No one really jumped out at me.

I really did not care for Angelo. He started from the very beginning being arrogant, and then of course, won both the Quick Fire and Elimination challenges.

I was impressed with Timothy! He was lightening quick in the Quick Fire Challenge! I think he will be a strong contestant this season.

I always feel sorry for the first person knocked off. John, the kooky, dreadlocks wearing chef was the first to go. I personally, hate when they get rid of the kooky contestants first. Keep them around a little while, get rid of the boring ones. There are a few this season. But, I am going to give them a chance before I start screaming at the TV.

Did you watch last night? what do you think of Top Chef DC so far?

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