Monday, May 10, 2010

What do you do with samples you get in the mail?

There are only so many samples a person can use. I have been giving some thought about what I can do with the surplus. Here are a few ideas:

If it is a new product that I am really interested in, I will use it.

I usually keep a sample basket in the bathroom if we have guest from out of town, just in case they need something.

Donate to a rescue mission, women's shelter, or other organization that reaches out those in need. You can also send them in care packages to soldiers overseas.

I never signed up for pet samples until recently, I am going to start collecting those and donate to the local animal shelter. They are always in need of food, towels, newspaper, etc.

use them in goodies bags for something like a Spa Party.

What do you do with your samples or travel sized items? I would love to hear other ideas.

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