Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I have been slow in posting the last couple of days. This was our mail call from yesterday! The picture isn't the greatest. I got:

a Converted Organic Fertilizer t-shirt,

Good Housekeeping and Family Circle magazines (both are free subscriptions)

3 coupons good for a free bag of Frito Lays Chips.

The new Gillette Pro Glide razor. I was thinking the razor was some sort of new disposable razor, but it is actually battery operated. I gave it to my husband to try out.

I also got a box of my new favorite thing! True Lemon. They sent me a box because I signed up to be part of a taste study for them. If you haven't heard of True Lemon, it is crystallized lemons. It is 100% natural, fat free, sugar free. You can add it to your water, tea, or cook with it. I have not tried cooking with I just like it in my drinks.

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