Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Snuggie Madness!

Raise your hand if you own a Snuggie? lol I love the Snuggies. I think they are hilarious. The one lone old man sitting on the bench shivering in the cold, while the rest of stand is warm in their Snuggies. The acting cracks me up!

When we camped out at Target on Black Friday, there were several people in line sporting their favorite animal print Snuggie. Last year, for birthday's I decided that I would get my family members "As Seen On TV" birthday gifts. My sister was the lucky recipient of a Sea Foam Green Snuggie. I had grander plans for her Snuggie, I got it air brushed with some sort of beach scene, for that extra touch of campiness.
My son wanted one of the kid sized Snuggies for Christmas last year. He loves it!

Now, you can take your Snuggie love to the beach! Have you seen these? Beach Towel Snuggies! Visit Snuggie's facebook page and enter to win one of their new Snuggie Beach Towels. They are giving away 10 for the next 10 weeks. If any fans of the Grocery Cart win, I would love to see pictures!!!

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