Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Costumes! Ahsoka Tano

We are huge Star Wars fans and Star Wars costumers. We made Clone Wars style costumes for our children this summer to wear to a Sci-Fi convention. The costumes will be doing double duty for Halloween. Our daughter is Ahsoka and her brother is going to be Anakin.

We have already purchased and cut fabric to sew her costume. We picked the fabric up at Hobby Lobby. It is hard to tell from this picture, but the fabric is more of redish color with a suede like texture. I purchased 1 yard for roughly $4. She will have a tube top,skirt, and gauntlets. I also got her a pair of leggins at Target for $3.99

We are using Crayola Mold Magic to sculpt the head tails. I choose that material because it air dries and is lightweight. A large tub like is one, I purchased at Michael's for $12. It is regularly priced $19.99, but watch for those 40% off coupons. It took 2 containers to sculpt the head, so $24 total.

I allowed the head piece to dry around 48-72 hours before painting. I painted it with the blue stripes.

I made a simple skirt and tube top just like the characters. This costume was made for a Sci-Fi convention in the summer. For Halloween, I am going to purchase a long sleeve orange t-shirt and sew the top on to it. That will help eliminate the body paint and keep her warm.

I purchased a belt at the Goodwill and used craft foam to complete the outfit. The boots were purchased from Target.com on clearance, but will work great for this winter. The lightsaber is a Master Replica Yoda lightsader.
Overall, I was very pleased with the finished product. The hardest part was sculpting the head. I will be making some slight changes for Halloween.

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