Saturday, March 5, 2011

Charlie Sheen's crazy train

So the last few days, it has been hard to escape the constant clatter of the Charlie Sheen crazy train.  He pretty much as talked to every media outlet that would listen to him.    And, I have to say that he has become my guilty pleasure of the week.  
Some of my favorite Charlie Sheen quotes have been:

"Winning!"       <----I have incorporated this one into my daily vocabulary.    I think for the rest of us sane people this makes a great daily affirmation.      "I am winning at taking out the trash"    I don't know, I do have to agree with Charlie here.  It just makes you feel better about life.

"I got tiger blood, man. My brain...fires in a way that is - I don't know, maybe not from this particular terrestrial realm."   Don't we all feel this way?

I have a 10,000-year-old brain and the boogers of a seven-year-old. --  If you were the interviewer, how do you follow up to something like that? 

I don’t sleep. I wait. Most of the time—and this includes naps  "   So does  Chuck Norris.  

The other thing that I am enjoying about the Charlie Sheen crazy train, is the fact that he is just across the board offensive.    Do I agree with offensiveness?  No, absolutely not.   But, when you are in the business of making outrageous claims, lets not leave anyone out.    Such as the case, that Charlie Sheen has now offend warlocks.    
Yes, that's right.... Warlocks!   Let that sink in for a minute.  

Charlie Sheen said he was a "Vatican warlock assassin"      Which has offended a coven of warlocks in Salem, Mass.  Apparently, they are planning a cleansing ceremony to help Charlie Sheen not offend warlocks in the future.

 I am just wondering who is left for him to offend?  
Will he be making anymore outrageous claims?   

Personally, I am hoping that he will say he invented the question mark or something equally as outrageous.   That would complete me! 




  1. This is awesome LOL! He's said some funny stuff lately. I have to admit I LOVE it ;)

    I'm following from the hop. ;)

  2. This post is too funny! Following you from the Saturday Stalk Remix.