Sunday, March 27, 2011

St. Patrick's Day has finally ended at our house.

St. Patrick's Day comes and goes at our house with little fanfare.  But this year, my kids were like mom," What are we doing for St. Patrick's Day?"  my response was, "We will eat Lucky Charms and drink green Kool Aid."   Of course, that didn't go over too well.  They were expecting St. Patrick's Day to come with some sort of  gift giving opportunity.  Sadly, I disappointed them.   So since that idea was not well received, I came up with a couple of things for us to do during the week.

We went on a green scavenger hunt.  We snapped pictures of green things that we found during the week.  Which has actually gone on now for more like 2 weeks.   These are a couple of our favorite pictures.

This is Gorn, we spotted him walking down the street with his Klingon companion.  Not something you see everyday! This picture also made an appearance for the Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

Then we spotted some little clovers peeking out of a crack in the pavers.  
These screamed St. Patrick's Day. We will probably do this again next year.   The kids seemed to enjoy it. 

We also participated in the St. Patrick's Day parade in Atlanta, which I posted about earlier.   Lastly, I pranked the kids.    We really love the book Elf on the Shelf and have fun with it during Christmas.  So, I decided that I would put green food coloring in the toilet, with a little glitter for extra effect.  I told the kids that a leprechaun visited us and used our potty.  They seemed to get a good laugh out of that.   

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