Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I love my husband dearly, but sometimes......

I do love my husband dearly, but sometimes I just want to choke him!!

This week our children have Spring Break and I am at home with them.  Don't we all just really love it when our precious children sleep in?   I love it and live for that time!!  My little girl is a one woman wrecking ball, so when I have a few uninterrupted minutes of peace, quiet, and a reasonably clean home, I am a happy woman.
So for the last 2 mornings, he gets up at his usual time.    Now with the time change, when he gets up it is light outside.   You can see in our bedroom, bathroom, and living room without really turning on lights.    I guess as a mom, I am used to tiptoeing out of bed and dressing in the dark.  

Not my husband!  Every light, EVERY LIGHT was on this morning!  The overhead light in the bedroom, the overhead light in the living room and 2 lamps!  The lights in the kitchen and dinning room! Really, you need that much light!?  After about 20 minutes or so, a few lights go off, but others remain on.   Namely, the overhead light in the bedroom.   I am being selfish, because I WOULD ENJOY SLEEPING IN ONE DAY!

Then the next thing I hear is the ungodly battle cry of duct tape.   That tape has a sound all its own when it is being torn off the roll. Of course, I wouldn't care at 7 at night.  But at 7 in the morning, it echos through our house.  If I could figure out how to adequately recreate the sound with consonants and vowels, I would demonstrate it.

I am lying in bed thinking WTH??  What is he doing?   This is the point that I get up and confront the offender.    Can you not get dressed in the dark, just for this week?  Next week, I don't care. We will all be up.  Turn every light on, I don't care.  We will all be running for the door at the same time.  But, lets do it next week.   

What are you doing with the duct tape?  This is what he was doing:  repairing his work pants! That's right.
My husband works predominately outdoors, so his "work" clothes do take a beating.  He rarely is ever in his office.   

Several things at this point go through my mind:  A.)  I could sew those for you, B.) Maybe we should just put that pair out of its misery.   And lastly, C.)  Could you not do that outside? in the garage?  somewhere other then the living room?

He was just confused as to why I was a little disturbed.  I kiss my loving husband goodbye for the day, going out the door the alarm sensor chimes.   I am thinking how much time do I have before they get up?   My question is soon answered.  Just as his truck leaves the driveway,  NONE!

 Does he not understand the small joy I get from sleeping in once in a while?   GRRRRR   lol I love my husband but sometimes......


  1. Love the Duct tape part. I am just wondering "What was he doing with the Duct Tape?"

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  2. I'm with Still Blonde...what's up with the duct tape so early in the am?

    Stumbled your post!

    Thanks, Becky Jane

  3. I'm laughing! Your husband is such a guy, just like mine. I understand completely about the lights on and the duct tape and wanting to sleep in. Thanks for the giggle today.
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  4. Gotta love that men fix work pants with duct tape. What about boots? Oh yeah, been there.

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    Kristin :)

  5. When my daughter was little he would leave for work at 5:00 am, I finally made him shower in the guest bathroom because I couldn't handle his shower.

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  6. I am laughing reading this, but also feeling so irate. My husband does the exact same thing. He thunks up and down the stairs like a herd of elephants, loudly shuts doors, lets baby gates slam shut behind him, bangs and rattles dishes, slams the microwave door, and generally makes me want to scream my head off at him to Be Quiet and Not Wake Them pretty much every morning. The taker though is... when confronted, he can't figure out why the heck I'm upset, and he doesn't see how he's being loud?!

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  7. Oh, yes, my dh always, always, always, decides to make spaghetti sauce right after I "deep-clean" the stove top. Never fails. And his mother used to say, well you're lucky he cooks. Excuse me while I choke. UGGGGGGHHHHHH!

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