Thursday, March 31, 2011

Reading Harry Potter

This is a proud mom post.  I am so proud of my son!!  He is in Kindergarten and reading the first Harry Potter book.

How this all started was, each night the children in his class bring home an easy reader to practice reading out loud.  Well, one night he was particularly disgusted because they sent home an Eloise book.  Apparently, it was an insult his manhood,  that his teacher would dare to send home a "girl book"
  "I don't want to read a girl book!" 
After a some going back and forth, I said, "FINE! What do you want to read?"  
His reply.."Harry Potter!" 
I said, "Ok, but you know its a long chapter book. "   
"I know."     

So we went and got the book from the book shelf and started reading.   He has amazed me!   He has taken to this challenge and has stuck with it.  He reads 2 to 3 pages everyday, which is a pace he seems comfortable with.   Words that he doesn't know, we circle and I help him look up in the dictionary.    Both my husband and myself have read the books, so we can have a nice discussion about the book with him.

I realized that I have an unlimited teaching opportunity basing different activities off of Harry Potter.   This week, he and I made a Monster journal.   We took a sketch book and covered it with faux fur and gave it some green teddy bears.   I made one of these for Halloween.   If you are interested, you can check out a full tutorial for the monster book. 

I am going to be sharing more of our activities in future posts while we read Harry Potter. 

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